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Side Events

Besides the race, we’re planning one spectacular side event per day

Kite Big Air

ACCIONA Big Air over Rewa Spit

The best kiteboarders jumping over the beautiful sandbank performing breathtaking kiteloops and tricks. Show so good, we might start selling popcorn on the beach!

Day2 Insta 66

MAG Pumpfoil Contest

Seen the videos of the foiling perpetum mobile? Time to see it live! The best foilers going around a course using nothing but their leg power and impeccable technique. Must see TV!

Day1forig 271

Hydrosfera Tow-In Freestyle

Windsurfing without wind? You bet! The best freestylers spinning through the air just meters away from the crowd!

Day3 Insta 103

Nest Bank E-Foil racing

Electrical foils are taking over the world. So we thought – why not race them? A short, spectacular course close to the crowds and 8 fastest efoilers in a 1 vs 1 elimination format. 100% of fun with a possible pinch of drama.

Day4 Gallery 98

EASY-surfshop MonstAir SUP race

Monster SUP race is a fun and exciting team event where participants paddle on a large inflatable stand-up paddleboard together. Teams of six individuals work together to navigate through the water, competing against other teams in a race to the finish line. This unique and challenging race requires coordination, communication, and teamwork to successfully paddle the monster SUP to victory.